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Miss philippines pictures

Hanging out with beautiful people at the Press Presentation of Miss Philippines Earths Top 10 beauty contestants!
She will be representing the Philippines in the 2011 Miss Earth beauty pageant in Thailand this December. Alicia Elena Ariosa She might already be 23 but Ma. If this didn’t work for you see detailed instructions Close this window Mail Yahoo! Events Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Music Launch Home Collective Store Launch Special Screening of Aarakshan Rakhi Shoots Item Song Varuna D Jani Collection Launch Ayesha Kapoor Store Launch Stars Spotted Teen Choice Awards-2011 Nitin Chandrakant Desai Book Launch LFW Winter-Festive-2011 Event More. V ramon salta 02-Nov-2008 02:03 no boring pictures, how i miss philippines, salamat sa mga letrato mo kababayan,

Gharyjohn and Tiennelynne, Photo credit: Opmbworldwide Related posts: Athena Mae Imperial crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Share this: Facebook Reddit StumbleUpon Digg Facebook Comments Be the first to comment – What do you think? She is a Mass Communication student of the University of the Philippines. Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Pictures The Miss Philippines Earth 2011 has already started. Back in the Philippine s, she works as an Informatio n Assistant for the Department of Environmen t and Natural Resources in Region V. Remedios Santos (Miss Rizal) and Amparo Neri (Miss Misamis). Pilipinas Universe2011 Farewell to Guitarist Manny Amador, Keep Rocking inHeaven! Raj grew up with her mother, a former tenant farmer and dressmaker who brought Maria Venus Raj up as a child. Quickly, municipalities conducted their own Miss, from among whom a provincial bet to the national contest was chosen. It will later evolve to a shorter sleeved blouse during the Philippine-American Commonwealth years.

Man Masturbates and drives car, what could possibly go wrong?

28-year-old Alexandria man was arrested after police said he crashed his car after exposing himself to a female jogger in Bethesda.
Montgomery County police said Edwin L. Morejon pulled up alongside a woman Saturday while she was running on MacArthur Boulevard near Walhonding Road in Glen Echo and asked for directions. As the jogger explained how to get to his destination, she noticed that the man was masturbating, according to police.
The woman fled and called police. The accused masturbator drove off and crashed into another vehicle about a half-mile away, police said. The jogger eventually reached the crash scene and identified Morejon to an officer there, police said.

Edwin L. Morejon

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Korea Beautiful Actress Han Hyo Joo

Friday, October 7, 2011

300 pound snake living in haunted house expected to break Guinness world record

Slithering in a haunted house in Kansas City's West Bottoms could be the world's largest snake living in captivity. It is now just weeks away be the Guinness Book of World Records recognizing Medusa the Snake's title.

It took 15 people to hold the 25-foot-long, over 300-pound snake for photo op. She eats a 40 pound animal about once a week but could easily eat something over 100 pounds.
"They've actually cut people out of them, they are man eaters," said snake trainer Larry Elgar about the type of python Medusa happens to be. Despite that, Larry keeps his cool.
"Fear is just a lack of understanding. I have no fear. I understand that she can kill me. I've been wrapped up and put unconscious by a reticulated python that was only 18 feet long. I understand the repercussions, but that’s no reason to fear. That car you drove in has killed more people than anything else in the world. But you're not scared when you put your keys in it, are you?"
You can catch a glimpse of Medusa at the Edge of Hell, Kansas City's oldest haunted house that has been emulated across the country. It is one of three haunted houses open for business now in the West Bottoms.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Widy Vierra and boyfriend in a hotel room

Intimate and romantic pictures of Widy Soediro Nichlany (Widy "Vierra Band") and boyfriend have emerged on the internet. It seems the pictures were shot when they both in a hotel room. There are two photos, Widy wore a blue bikini and boyfriend just wore a short

Angelica Benito as FHM girl of the month of May 2007

Simple yet hot semi comedian girl who makes her friends laugh all the time. But she really hates cheater... Kissing gentle, make her hot and wet.

Wearing two-piece makes Angelica looking really sexy. And her fans, telling her that she have the body to show up in men's magazine. She is not a lesbian, but she really like a girl who dances well. Hopefully she could be one of the cover girls soon.